Individual Lash Extensions

Individual Lash Extensions

Women have always desired to have beautiful long lashes. The unique aesthetic appeal of the eye has long been a focus of attention dating back to ancient Egyptian civilization. Eyelashes frame the eye thereby drawing attention to this facial feature. For many years the only choice was either mascara or strip lashes.

Today there are additional options available including Individual Lash Extensions and Eyelash Growth products. It is imperative that consumers do their homework to fully understand the different choices on the market today along with the pros and cons to each option. I would like to address Individual Lash Extensions in this post.

It seems that almost everywhere you look places advertise lash extensions these days. But how many of these places offering this service have actually taken a certification course before throwing a sign in the window? More often than not many of these places have learned how to do lashes by looking at YouTube videos or reading how to apply lashes out of a manual. Do you really want to trust the safety of your eyes to someone who taught themselves to do this service? I even had a potenial hire tell me she was a makeup artist and lash extentionist. When I asked where she received her training she said she was self taught and could even apply them to herself. Trust me when I say that it is not possible for you to apply Individual Lashes on yourself. At best what they are applying to themselves are what we call “clusters” in the industry. A reputable extentionist will be happy to show you their training certificate. Don’t be afraid to ask to see it if it isn’t visibly available.

Individual Lashes are just that. A single lash applied directly to your own individual lash, one at a time. You do not apply them to the skin. You do not apply more than one lash to an existing lash. This causes undue stress to your natural lash and can cause it to fall out prematurely. Lashes have a life cycle of 60 to 90 days. This is why lash extentions require maintenance of about every 3 weeks. The adhesive used to apply lashes should be approved for the eye area. No other type of adhesive should come into contact with this area. The eyes are very delicate. Again do not be afraid to ask to see the product that will be used on you. Ask what the establishments policy is regarding removal of the lashes in the event you desire to no longer wear them or if by some small chance you where to have a sensitivity to the adhesive. Using a quality adhesive greatly reduces the chance of sensitivity issues but occassionally it can still happen. I always recommend to my new clients that if you are wanting to do lashes for a special occasion like a wedding, you want to do the initial set at least two to three weeks prior to the event and then plan a fill in a couple of days before the big day. This way you are assured that there won’t be any issues the day of the event.

An educated consumer is a happy consumer. I always require a potential new lash client to come in prior to the application appointment so that I can evaluate their eyes, answer all their questions and make sure they are a good candidate for this service. And yes I have turned a few people away. Not everyone who wants lash extentions can wear them. If the place you are considering seems to busy to answer your questions, seems irritated by your questions or can’t give you good answers, keep looking. Oh and by the way, I got my training with Lavish Lashes!

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