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Warmer Weather Means Showing More Skin

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Infrared Sauna – Lypossage

Pevonia & M’lis Body Wraps

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
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All Pevonia Body Wraps Only $110 (reg. $125)

Now Thru April 30th!

Choose From:

Hydra-Sea Seaweed Wrap – Helps to detoxify, tone and remineralize all skin types. Excellent for individuals trying to stop smoking (pulls nicotin), reduces excess fluids. Smooths orange peel skin.

Cellu-Smooth Green Coffee Wrap – Helps to reduce cellulite. Good for slimming purposes and controls fat infiltration. Stimulates fat splitting lipolysis.

Stem Cells Phyto-Elite Contouring Wrap – Works to breakdown cellulite from within. Contours the body and firms the skin. Anti-aging benefits.

Lumafirm Body Firm & Glow Wrap – Instant firming, brightening and pigmentation control. Ideal for special events like weddings. Safe during pregnancy. Has cellulite benefits.

Tropicale Escape Creme Fraiche Wrap – Smooths, repairs and hydrates aging skin. Soothing and cooling.

ONE WEEK ONLY!!! Spa Week $50 Treatments

April 15th – 20th

Choose From:

Inner Goddess Package – For the ladies, try this package for some personal love. Start with 30 minutes in our Infrared Sauna to help relax, unwind and detox your body, then experience the many benefits of our ancient, herbal, Yoni Vaginal Steaming. A delicious cup of Yoni Herbal Tea is included as part of your relaxing session. This 60 minute treatment is valued at $105.

Detox & Relax Package – Start with a 30 minute Infrared Sauna Session to begin to unwind and achieve maximum detoxification, then experience our classic 60 minute Swedish Relaxation Massage that includes complimentary hot towels and aromatherapy of your choice. This 90 minute treatment is valued at $95.

Head To Toe Package – For individuals looking to bring balance and clarity to their body, plus help fight off any lingering colds, this package is perfect! Start with a 6o minute Ear Candling Session. Ear candling can help with ringing of the ears, vertigo, and brain fog. Can help to soften ear wax build up so that it can drain better and helps evaporate excess fluids in the ear canal. Finish with a 30 minute Ionic Foot Bath to help the body let go of the residual garbage that it holds onto, like heavy metals. Total time for this pkg is 90 minutes and valued at $80

New Products

Folding wallet with elegant cut-out floral accents. 4 Assorted Colors: Pink, Taupe, Off White, Black. Only $10.99. Quanitys are limited.

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