Ionic Foot Bath

An Ionic Foot Bath is a treatment that helps rid the body of toxins such as heavy metals, residual medications, pollution, preservatives from our food, and lactic acid. Because our body is over 70% to 80% water the Ionic Foot Bath is a safe, fast and effective way to rid the body of these toxins.

Your feet are placed in a warm tub of water with the Ionic head unit. Ion’s are released into the water and taken in by the body through the feet.  This process of positive/ negative ionization attaches to toxins and nucleic waste generated within the cells. This is drawn out of the body and into the water. We add natural Himalayan Pink Sea Salt to the water to increase conductivity, therefore delivering a better detox treatment.

Both a comfortable and relaxing way to help detox the body, added benefits include a reduction in inflammation in tissues, pain relief from fibromyalgia, fatigue and arthritis, a balancing of blood sugar and pH levels, and a faster recovery from colds, headaches, and bacterial/viral infections. Some individuals also experience the sensation of the natural energy that is given off during the treatment, helping them feel more energized when they leave.

This treatment is excellent by itself or as a follow up immediately after a massage.Detox Footbath

30 minute treatment       $40

Package of 5                 $175

Please Note* An Ionic Footbath is NOT for our clients with pacemakers. who have had a transplant, or who are pregnant or nursing.

***For optimal results please refrain from all electrical use during your session.