Body Wellness Rituals

Our Body Rituals are designed to help you experience a results-oriented treatment like never before. You’ll leave with your body feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Our seasonal scrubs are designed to buff away dead skin and leave you glowing while our Luxe Hydrating Masque is made to deliver deep, lasting hydration and is great for all skin types. Check in with us regularly to learn what our current seasonal scrub selection is.

Please note that shaving before body scrubs & wrap treatments is not recommended.

Body Wellness Buff

Our seasonal exfoliants help leave your body feeling soft and smooth. A Body Buff can be done as a solo treatment or done prior to a body massage or a body masque.

30 minutes / $40.00

Luxe Hydrating Masque Therapy

Feed your skin what it really craves. This masque offers deep, lasting hydration benefits and promotes healthier skin. Maximum benefits achieved when coupled with a seasonal exfoliating scrub.

30 minutes / $45.00

The Big Reveal

Our Body Wellness Buff coupled with the Luxe Hydrating Masque includes hot towels and aromatherapy for a complete body experience. Excellent treatment prior to one of our amazing massage options. Leave feeling completely refreshed & relaxed.

60 minutes  / $85.00

The House Special

This 90 minute experience helps you feel relaxed & regenerated! Our Body Wellness Buff is coupled with the ultimate Hydrating Body Masque. A relaxing scalp or foot massage is performed while you are resting. Finally, 30 minutes of light brisk massage is performed to help warm the skin, increase the blood flow & release toxins.

90 minutes / $130.00

Ultimate Body Wellness Ritual

For the ultimate experience in total body relaxation, this is it! Your 2 hour experience includes our Seasonal Body Buff followed by the Hydrating Body Masque. During the masque, either a relaxing scalp or foot massage is performed. A one hour relaxing Swedish Massage completes your visit. Hot, moist towels and aromatherapy are also part of your session. You will feel amazing.

120 minutes / $165.00

Body Wellness Ritual – Back Purification                                                       

This is an excellent stand alone treatment designed to rid muscles of stress and skin of impurities. Our seasonal scrub with steam and massage is followed by extractions, if needed. Next, we apply our Luxe Hydrating Masque to nourish the skin and leave it feeling silky smooth. We finish this treatment with a skin appropriate moisturizer. Your hardest parts to reach will be cleansed, polished, hydrated and refreshed!

30 minutes / $40.00

if incorporated into a massage or face treatment in progress: $30

Detox Back Treatment

Feeling stressed? This treatment is a necessity not a luxury. Movements in this specialized treatment will not only stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, but will also help balance your Chi energy flow. Increases oxygen to tissues & releases lactic acid & carbon dioxide. Accumulation of these wastes in muscles can cause fatigue and tension. This treatment helps attain total relaxation from head to toe by easing knots & relaxing tight sore muscles.

30 minutes / $40.00