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The benefits of face primer has primarily focused on the cosmetic benefits to make-up application, until now. Dermalogica, a leader in skin health has a face primer that address’es that and so much more. SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 incorporates powerful skin treatment technology with the most elegant primer available today. Many cosmetic face primers contain fillers and waxes that can lead to congestion, sensitivity and skin irritation. Others just don’t deliver the aesthetic elegance needed from a face primer and leave the skin looking uneven or chalky. Dermalogica’s SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 delivers upscale cosmetic benefits for a flawless finish and additional benefits from the Age Smart segment of their skincare line. Key ingredients include Pearl Powder and natural earth minerals that provide a neutral tint great for all skin tones as well as the ability to enhance luminosity and radiance. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide provide Broad-Spectrum UVA and UVB protection without the drying effects so commonly associated with SPF products. Additional ingredients help to fight against ROS, (also known as free radicals) and Advanced Glycation End-products (AGES) that all lead to skin aging. For your most radiant, healthiest skin ever you need to try this product. You will love...

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