Woman having a relaxing massage

We have an extensive list of massage options here at The Upper Hand Day Spa. Each massage has its own special benefit and purpose. To make it easier to navigate we have broken it down into two categories; Western Philosophy and Eastern Philosophy. You will notice that some of our massage services are available in 30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute and 120 minute sessions, while other massage services do not have all of these time options available. For these massage services our therapists have found that the times we offer are better suited for optimal results.

Therapeutic Massage has many benefits. Massage encourages the body to transition from being highly activated into the “rest and digest” mode. Massage lowers blood pressure, aids in the circulation of lymph and blood, relieves stress and reduces pain. It also improves joint mobility and flexibility, reduces post-surgical and post-injury adhesions as well as swelling and improves psychological well-being. Individuals should not receive massage when they have a fever. Likewise, when feeling ill it is best to postpone massage until you are feeling better. You should not receive a massage within 4 hours from having taken any type of prescription strength pain medication, nor within 12 hours of drinking an alcoholic beverage.

As an added bonus almost all of our massage services include complimentary Hot Towels and Aromatherapy, as part of the session, when it is appropriate.  We also offer the option to include Mini Add-On’s to a massage. Curious about the benefits of Cupping, Bamboo Massage or Warm River Stone Massage, but not sure it’s for you? Ask to have any one of these three sampler services added to your massage session, when booking your appointment, for a small up-charge of only $5. Each option can be incorporated into your session without adding additional time, but with increased benefits to a specific focus area or muscle. Love Hot Towels? Want More Hot Towels? Ask and you shall receive. Get two more Hot Towels added to your session for a small up-charge of only $5.

If all these Mini Add-On options, to help customize your massage experience, aren’t enough, you can always choose to add our amazing Muscle Melt Liniment to your experience, for a focus area, again for only a $5 up-charge. With over 37 herbs and essential oils, this liniment helps to immediately reduce inflammation, increase circulation, alleviate pain & soreness. There’s even the option to take it to another level of pain relief, with our Muscle Melt Liniment containing 300mg of CBD oil, for an up-charge of $10, for a focus area.

Take a moment to look over the different types of massage that we offer at The Upper Hand Day Spa, then let us help schedule a treatment that is right for you!