You never have to worry about the cleanliness or safety of your nail services here at The Upper Hand Day Spa. All tools are cleaned and sanitized in an EPA Grade disinfectant and/or placed in a UV dry sanitizer, and clean towels are provided for every client, every time. Diabetic? No worries, you can relax knowing that you can have a professional pedicure or manicure service without the risk of infection. With so many years of experience in the field, it’s really true when we say we have “the upper hand” on the situation!

From manicures to pedicures to nail enhancements, all the best products and services are here under one roof. Come in and enjoy a pedicure in our sanitized, air piped, whirlpool spa tub with relaxing massage chair.

Experience a manicure with the latest in nail technology-Gel Polish utilizing brands such as OPI Gel Polish, Creative Nail’s Shellac Gel Polish and Gelish Gel Polish System. These state of the art advanced polish systems, for natural nails, cure under a UV or LED Light to a hard mirror finish and lasts for days. No more smudging or having to wait for your polish to dry! We also offer Chrome Art Finish over Gel Polish, creating a beautiful iridescent mirror finish.   





Looking for something a little more durable? Then why not try our SNS powder gel dipping system? A cross between acrylic and gel, these nails are light weight, odorless, strong and give clients a mirror finish with three weeks of wear. The pigmented powders come in a beautiful array of color choices as well as the ability to wear them as a French Manicure.

We take our Nail Enhancement Services seriously, using CND Retention+ acrylic powder and liquid system; and high quality Liquid Gel Resins for strength and durability. PLEASE BE AWARE that our prices are comparable to our competitors pricing for Pink & White or Pink only acrylic. CND Retention+ is free of harmful MMA and has UV inhibitors as well as it being low odor. All Nail Enhancement prices are based on standard shape and length. Specialty Shaping and Extra Length is available for an additional charge. We DO NOT charge extra for trimming nails as we believe this should be part of our services. No matter what your preference happens to be, you will be pleased with the results when you choose to have your nail services preformed at The Upper Hand Day Spa.



Deluxe Manicure                                                     $15

Deluxe Manicure with Paraffin                                   $22

Deluxe Manicure with Gel Polish                              $30

Spa Manicure                                                          $31

Warm Stone Manicure with Paraffin                           $36


Deluxe Pedicure                                                     $30

Deluxe Pedicure with Paraffin                                   $37

Deluxe Pedicure with Gel Polish                              $42

Spa Pedicure                                                          $50

Warm Stone Pedicure with Paraffin                           $55

Acrylic or Gel Enhancements

New Set-Pink Acrylic                                               $30          with Gel Polish $40

New Set-Pink & White Acrylic                                  $41

Sculptured Acrylic Nails-Pink Only                           $40          with Gel Polish $50

Sculptured Acrylic Nails- Pink & White                     $45

Acrylic Fill-In–Pink Only                                           $23          with Gel Polish $33                                                                                                                                Fill-Ins include 1 free repair. Add’l nails are $3 each.

Acrylic Fill-In–Pink & White                                      $31

New Set of Gel                                                        $38          with Gel Polish $48

Gel Fill-In                                                                $27          with Gel Polish $37                                                                                                                                Fill-Ins include 1 free repair. Add’l nails are $3 each.

SNS Powder Dipping System

Color or Natural / Clear Gel Powder                           $30         with tips $36

Pink & White Gel Powder                                         $38         with tips $44

Misc Nail Services

Soak Off–with out service          $10            Soak Off–with service          $5

Polish Change–Hands                                              $8              Feet        $10

French or American Polish Change–Hands                 $10            Feet        $12

French or American Polish with a service                   $5

Gel Top Coat Over Enhancements                             $5

Gel Polish Over Enhancements                                 $10

Paraffin Wax—Hands                                               $5              Feet         $8

Individual Nail Repair–per nail                                    $3      Acrylic or Gel

Nail Art–starts @ $5 and up