Plasma Fibroblast Therapies

The Plasma Fibroblast technology, also known as "PlasmaSublimation", was first used in the U.K. and has been utilized in facial and body rejuvenation for the last 4 years. This technology is beneficial in treating aging skin, as well as damaged tissue like stretch marks, acne and poc scars and some post-surgical scars.

So What Is Plasma?
Plasma is the fourth state of matter. The first three states being, solid, liquid and gas. Plasma is formed through the ionization of atmospheric gas. When we target the the skin cells with this electrical energy, they shorten and tighten to reduce the surface of the skin targeted.

Fibroblasts are specialized cells inside your connective tissue. When an injury occurs to your skin; for example, a cat scratch, a cut or scrape, etc., your skin activates these fibroblasts to come to the aid of this injury.

Fibroblasts are what stimulate collagen formation and are a vital part in tissue healing. The heat generated, during a Plasma session, produces enough of a mini trauma to the area being treated to stimulate this collagen formation. 

Individuals that are best suited for this treatment fall into the Fitzpatrick Scale I-III. It is not recommended for individuals who fall into the Fitzpatrick Scale  IV-VI due to possible pigmentation issues.

Treatment areas (zones) include: upper eyelids, lower eyelids, crows feet, jowls, mouth, neck and tummy. Depending on several factors, individuals will require one to three treatments, scheduled about 6 to 8 weeks apart for optimal results. In some instances, such as deeper wrinkles and advanced sun damage it may require up to 6 treatments.

Determining if you are a good candidate for this procedure is the first step. A complimentary consultation is required. During the consultation we will discuss home care of the treated area, along with the number of recommended sessions for optimal results, contraindications to receiving this service, costs and any questions or concerns you may have prior to scheduling a treatment.

Please, click on the link in the right-hand sidebar for our Photo Gallery. This is where you can view some of the before & after images of Plasma Fibroblast Therapy.

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