Infrared Sauna Pricing


We offer Individual Single Sessions, Packages and Memberships.

Single Session – 30 min Session $40
Single Session – 40 min Super Sweat $45
1st Visit  - 30 min Session $25 (New Client Only)
Add-on To An Existing Massage, Facial or Body Treatment $25
Bring A Friend To Sauna To A Single Visit - $25

Packages are available in 4, 8, 12, 16 & Monthly Unlimited. All Packages except Monthly Unlimited expire one year from date of purchase. Monthly Unlimited expires one month from date of guests first visit. Sweat 8, 12 & 16 packages may be shared with ONE other person.

Sweat 4  –  30 min sessions $140
Sweat 8  –  30 min sessions $240
Sweat 12 – 30 min sessions $300
Sweat 16 – 30 min sessions $320
Monthly Unlimited - $199

Memberships offer the serious Sauna user the greatest benefit.
They are available in 4, 8, 12, 16 & Monthly Unlimited.
Memberships are
set up on auto-pay with a (3) three month minimum contract. Members are
auto-charged at the 1st of each month.

Membership Rewards include: a 10% Discount on ALL Retail, ALL Ionic Foot Detox Sessions for only $30 each, A FREE Birthday Session, Sauna Membership Discount’s for Additional Family Members, 1 Complimentary Guest Pass Per Month, Additional Extra Sessions as needed for only $20. Maintain a Membership for 6 months and receive 2 FREE Bonus Sessions.

Restore 4    - $69     Family Add-on $49 per person
Revive 8     - $109    Family Add-on $89 per person
Reset 12     - $149    Family Add-on $129 per person
Radiate 16 - $169    Family Add-on $149 per person
Detox         - $175   Unlimited sessions, NO Add-on’s

Unused Sessions Do Not Rollover. A written, 30 day prior to billing date, cancellation notice is required by individuals who no longer wish to be a member.


For The Enjoyment Of All Our Sauna Guests:
You may have your phone, tablet, notebook or MP3 in the sauna during your session, but we ask that you refrain from talking on your phone and use texting instead. Earbuds are also recommended so that you may listen to the music of your choice or watch any video’s or movies during your time with us. Your consideration of                                                                          others is appreciated.
A credit card or debit card is required to secure your session.

Cancellations of less than 24 Hours and No Show’s will incur a $25 charge
or a forfeit of a Session from your Package/Membership.

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