Nail Enhancements

If your looking for something more durable then why not try our SNS powder gel dipping system? A cross between acrylic and gel, these nails are light weight, odorless, strong and give clients a mirror finish with three weeks of wear. The pigmented powders come in a beautiful array of color choices as well as the ability to wear them as a French Manicure.

We take our Nail Enhancement Services seriously, using CND Retention+ acrylic powder and liquid system; and high quality Liquid Gel Resins for strength and durability, to create nails for those that don't have them naturally.


Acrylic or Gel Enhancements

New Set-Pink Acrylic                                                $34          with Gel Polish $44
New Set-Pink & White Acrylic                                  $44
Sculptured Acrylic Nails-Pink Only                           $44          with Gel Polish $54
Sculptured Acrylic Nails- Pink & White                    $50
Acrylic Fill-In--Pink Only                                           $25          with Gel Polish $35
Acrylic Fill-In--Pink & White                                     $35
New Set of Gel                                                         $40           with Gel Polish $50
Gel Fill-In                                                                  $30           with Gel Polish $40

SNS Powder Dipping System

Color or Natural / Clear Gel Powder                        $35           with tips $40
Package of (3) without tips                                      $90
Package of (3) with tips                                           $105
Pink & White Gel Powder                                        $40           with tips $45
Package of (3) without tips                                      $105
Package of (3) with tips                                           $120

Misc Nail Services

Soak Off Nails--with out service                              $10
Soak Off Nails--with a service                                  $5
Polish Change--Hands or Feet                                 $10
Gel Polish Change--Hands or Feet                           $15
Gel Top Coat Over Enhancements                            $5
Gel Polish Over Enhancements                                 $10
Ecofin Paraffin Alternative--Hands                           $8
Ecofin Paraffin Alternative--Feet                              $10
Individual Nail Repair--per nail                                $5      Acrylic or Gel
Nail Art--starts @ $5 and up

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Rhonda Potter

My husband & I had a couples massage here and I cannot say enough fabulous things about our experience here!!! We both had great therapists, but Katherine was absolutely AMAZING!!! I definitely recommend this spa and Katherine!!!

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I had a Swedish massage with Amber. It was awesome! Just the right amount of pressure, focused on my trouble spot, and she was silent during the session which was great since I like to zone out during the experience. I highly recommend her. I...

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Porsha Womack

I have been going to The Upper Hand Day Spa for about two years! I've had several services, from massages to individual eyelash install! Phyllis and her team has never disappointed me! The energy and ambiance that the shop has is a great …

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Response from business owner

Thank you Porsha! We love you and appreciate your loyalty to the spa. It's always a pleasure.

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Melissa Hunt

Amazing experience!! Atmosphere was relaxing and the service and people were wonderful. Would definitely recommend!!!

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Thank you Melissa. We are happy to know you enjoyed your spa visit!

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I truly enjoyed my visit at the spa for the first time . I am truly pleased with my pedicure/manicure. Gina is so kind and patience with her client next it’s the massage. Thank you upper hand you are truly Conyers best kept secret however the word is out 🙂 thank you again…

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Kenni York

This place is a treasured gem. It's so quaint and personable, relaxing and inviting. And that's just the ambiance! The service is amazing and will leave you eager to book your next appointment. They are timely and efficient and scheduling …

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Response from business owner

Thank you Kenni for the sweet review! I will be checking out your novels. Always like to support our artists and entrepreneurs.

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