All facial treatments include Face Mapping, a zone-by-zone skin analysis to help target what your skin needs most. We use this to create a customized treatment incorporating Dermalogica and/or Glo Skin Beauty professional products so you leave looking and feeling healthier.

custom_facial_theupperhanddayspaEssential Face Treatment
You and your skin therapist will work together to create a one of a kind treatment designed to target the individual needs of your skin. Includes a double cleansing, exfoliation, masque, hydration and solar defense. Botanical mixers, Serums and Additives are incorporated to create a treatment that benefits your skin.

60 minutes / $75.00

Acne Clearing Treatment
Targeting current breakouts while helping to prevent future activity, this treatment focus's on deep-cleansing, purification, extractions and hydration. Additional protocol's; if needed, include high frequency and ultrasonic microdermabrasion.

Clearing Treatment: 60 minutes / $75.00

Calming Face Treatment
If your skin is red, inflamed, itchy or feeling sensitive, this super soothing treatment is just what you need. This treatment starts with a gentle cleansing and includes relaxing pressure point massage, calming oatmeal masque and therapies that will help instantly calm redness and reduce inflammation.

60 minutes / $80.00

jade_stone_facial_theupperhanddayspaJade Stone Facial Treatment
Our new signature facial has everything you know and love from our customized skin treatments, plus an additional thirty minutes of facial reflexology with all natural jade stones! This technique provides an immediate reduction of fine lines and wrinkles by lifting, toning, and firming the skin. This gentle facial is ideal for all skin types and noticeable anti-aging benefits may last up to two weeks.

Keep in mind: Upon request, this treatment can include Manual Lymphatic Drainage of the face and neck. MLD can reduce dark circles and puffy eyes while helping your skin to glow, yet it is naturally detoxifying and may cause the skin to purge itself of underlying impurities.

90 minutes / $110         Mini Session: 45 minutes  / $60

Ionized Facial
This Expert Strength Pro Series treatment delivers dramatic, radical, results due to the four highly concentrated Ion Actives that gives your therapist the ability to address a specific skin condition. Your 45 minute treatment is an intense, results driven session that is completely customized to your specific needs at that moment. Actives become ionized when used with micro-current or ultrasound, thus enhancing the penetration and activity of the ionized molecules deep into the basal cell layer. Custom Ion Actives, that can be utilized during your treatment; depending on your needs, include:

ultrasonic_ionized_treatment_theupperhanddayspaRetinol 1% for collagen synthesis, decreased redness.
Oligopeptide for pigmentation correction.
Niacinamide for healing and preventing acne breakouts, reduction of pore size, inflammation and redness.
Hyaluronic Acid for added hydration to skin, improved barrier function and calming of inflammation.
45 minutes / $90         Package of Three $225

Revitalizing Facial
Are you concerned about the signs of aging? Then you need a revitalizing power boost! Advanced therapies include a vitamin and hydroxy acid ex-foliation, energizing massage to release tension on the facial muscles and a specialized masque making this the ultimate skin therapy for prematurely aging, dry, dull skin! Skin will be noticeably firmer, smoother and more radiant after one treatment.

75 minutes / $95.00

The Wow Treatment
When you really want to experience the ultimate in relaxation and skin rejuvination this is the treatment for you. A signature service at The Upper Hand Day Spa, when you're done all you can say is WOW! This treatment starts with a professional double cleansing incorporating steam, followed by exfoliation and 30 minutes of advanced massage. We finish with a customized masque, hydration and solar defense.

90 minutes / $105.00

Spa Express Treatment
Thirty minutes is all it takes to feel fresh and renewed!

This facial treatment is a great intro for those new to skin therapy or when you want a great pick me up. Incorporating all things beneficial to the skin, we include a deep cleansing, exfoliation, soothing hydrating masque, skin specific moisture & solar defense. A great lunch time service!

30 minutes / $45.00

Peach Smoothie - Ladies Only
This treatment, known also as a vajacial, is for a woman's nether regions & designed to help treat ingrown hairs as well as smooth and soothe the skin after waxing. Usually performed 10 to 14 days after waxing, it includes gentle cleansing with steam, exfoliations, masque and high frequency. Leave feeling fresh and clean!

30 minutes / $65.00
Peel A Peach - Ladies Only

For the ladies only, this treatment is performed 10 to 14 days after a brazilian to clear ingrown hairs and correct pigmentation. First a gentle cleanse is done, followed by a lactic acid or enzyme peel, depending on the clients needs. Extractions are performed to remove ingrown hairs, then a calming masque to finish off this treatment, leaves you smoother and fresh.

60 minutes / $100